Student Life in Chatham

Chatham Overview

Chatham is a small town located in the south east of England in Kent, the town was developed around the Chatham dockyard as well as a range of army barracks. Since the dockyards closure in 1984 it has since seen a major revival, the dock is now a popular tourist destination, with some of the dockyard becoming a commercial port with the rest of the site now being used for business and residential use. Just a short 1 mile walk from the town centre you will find the Rochester Castle, built in 1087 the castle has been a talking point of the towns that surround it for many years and is currently an English heritage site. The castle is available to visit so that you can see what a castle looks like from the inside, but prices vary so make sure you book in advance. There are two shopping centres in the town centre with both of them offering a wide range of shops as well as several different food retailers in the food court. Chatham has one cinema with several screens to make sure you do not miss any of the new Hollywood blockbusters.

Escape Chatham

Just a short drive to the east of Chatham you will find the Isle of Sheppey, here you will find beautiful beaches with some brilliant pathways. The Isle of Sheppey is the perfect place to escape the stresses of university life, with the idyllic scenery and friendly locals. Chatham is also very close to the Kent downs which similarly to the isle of Sheppey it has some fantastic walkways and cycle paths, the Kent downs are known for having some incredible views from the tops of some of the hills. If you cross the Thames via the Dartford tunnel you will close to Brentwood which is a well-known town in Essex which is famous for being the home of the ‘Only way is Essex’ stars. London is roughly an hour on the train west of Chatham and is somewhere you can never be bored.

Transport in Chatham

The M2 runs just past Chatham and once you are on that road you will be connected to the national motorway network granting you access to most parts of the UK. From Chatham railway station you can get direct trains in under an hour straight to London. Not to far a drive from Chatham is the Eurotunnel entrance which means you can visit France via Eurotunnel for a day trip or a long weekend.

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