Pre Univeristy

Pre-GCSE and 1 Year GCSE

The GCSE, or General Certificate of Secondary Education, is an important first step qualification on your path to university in the UK. Students can start GCSE Pathway at the age of 13 , Pre-GCSE at the age of 14 and GCSE at the age of 15 in the UK .

International Foundation Year

This program is designed and intended for those international students who have the potential and motivation to succeed, but who do not yet have the formal qualifications required for entry to level 1 of a university undergraduate degree programme. Usually students with 11 years of academic education are suitable to study International Foundation Year and then progress to the university level. In addition, mature students and those with an educational gap can study International Foundation Year and enter the university level based on the mark they achieve in their course. The course length is one year and there are usually 7- 10 modules to cover.


A Levels, or ‘Advanced Levels’, are the UK’s Gold Standard university entrance examinations, recognised all over the globe. Achieving high A Level results will ensure that students get to choose from the UK’s most pre-eminent universities.

If students choose to study at high ranked college's, the added value is that in addition to the extensive academic support, they also receive support in English and their chosen A Level subjects; hence their knowledge is further enhanced by a comprehensive and engaging programme of enrichment. Enrichment is a set of activities including trips, lectures, clubs and societies, activities, awards and competitions that complement the main curriculum. Students will be provided with a choice of enrichment pathways, designed to significantly enhance university progression and your overall experience.

A-levels are unique in providing an unrivalled depth of study in a few, specialist subjects. After two years, students will have developed the kind of subject knowledge which is often only acquired during the first year at university in many other countries. A-levels also develop students’ broad study skills and their ability to think and argue critically. They prepare students fully for the challenge of studying at world-class universities. Advanced Level courses are the only possible route for students to study Medicine and Dentistry in the UK.

Advanced Level course is divided into two years of O-Level (the first year) and A-Level (the second year). Students usually learn 5-6 modules in depth which would give them the possibility of entering higher ranked universities in the UK based on the mark they achieve.


Post Graduate


This course is designed for students planning on undertaking a Master’s degree .; the course offers a unique experience which combines English language training, research, presentation and study skills with optional GMAT classes. This course is usually 3- 6 months based on the student requirements and has three to four entry points during the academic year. In most cases when the student studies this course at bespoke colleges, academic tutors will help them choose and apply for the right postgraduate course and university. However, universities will review these applications on a case-by-case basis and progression is not guaranteed.


At the moment, this course is being offered at a very limited amount of institutions. The Pre-PhD Program offers comprehensive preparation for international students pursuing a PhD or Doctoral degree in the UK. The program consists of intensive English classes combined with research methods, study skill training and PhD authoring to ensure optimum achievement at university. Students receive the best possible preparation for their PhD with highly structured exam training for IELTS and a wide range of specialist modules in their specialization. The PhD authoring module also allows them to develop their research field, which will ultimately benefit students in their thesis. The course can be 6 or 9 months based on students’ preferences and needs.

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