Student Life in Hastings

Hastings Overview

Hastings is a small town located in the south east of England, most people know the name of the town because of the Battle of Hastings which happened in 1066. Hastings has been a popular seaside resort ever since the railway came in around the 19th century, Hastings also has a very prominent fishing port alongside a beach-based fishing fleet. Fishing has been the main industry in Hastings for over 400 years however, the majority of jobs in the borough are concentrated on public services, health, retail and education. If you enjoy shopping then Hastings will suit you very well, the main shopping centre (Priory Meadow) is home to over 50 stores with more shops in Queens road, Wellington Place and Robertson Street; the there are currently plans to extend the retail areas which would then see more shops open. There is only one 4-screen cinema in Hastings but there are plans to build a multiplex cinema as part of the shopping centre regeneration, this will be a great addition to an already activity filled town. One of the louder events that take place in Hastings every year is the MayDayRun, here you will see and hear over tens of thousands of motor cycles as they drive along the A21 to Hastings. There is also a carnival that runs every year in August where the whole town comes together to compete in challenges, play on rides and rejoice in street parties.

Escape Hastings

Just outside of Hastings is the High Weald, the High Weald is known for its picturesque landscape, fantastic medieval castles and manors and all of this is topped off with pathways for you to walk, run or cycle. The High Weald is very popular with students during the summer as there are some great places to set up a picnic for the day and enjoy the sun. Roughly a 30-minute drive from Hastings is Drusillas Park which is a zoo that has a wide range of animals, from creepy crawlies to a petting zoo Dursillas makes for a great day out with your friends.

Transport in Hastings

There are several A-roads that travel along the south-coast of England and from these roads you will be able to travel to any city along the south coast. The A-roads will also link you to the national motorway network which is the easiest way to travel round the UK via car. From Hastings station you can get direct trains to London in under 2 hours, you can also get direct trains along the south coast which makes it a very accessible town to live in. National coach services will run from Hasting to most major cities in the UK.

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