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Architecture Overview

Study in Architecture courses in the UK , structural engineering courses, building and planning courses help students to imagine, design and construct the streets and buildings of the future.
Fors study in architecture courses, structural engineering, architectural history, principles of environmental design and building material studies are all key early parts of the program. Some institutions concentrate a large part of their programme on giving students a detailed understanding of the history of architecture whilst others immediately concentrate on the physics and engineering behind buildings and how to piece together their workings. Opportunities to work in practices, to meet architects and visit sites mean that abstract knowledge soon turns to applied skill. At the end of the three years of study there will be four more to go for those wanting to be fully trained where even further study will provide the depth of knowledge and versatility required of qualified architect. In some courses students on the construction project management programme can learn management and building skills that will prepare them for running building sites and turning the ideas of architects into real, tangible buildings.
Architecture is a unique field of work which carefully combines the art world with that of the engineering. An architect will plan, design and construct a building whilst rigorously ensuring the durability, utility and aesthetics of their work. Through studying architecture, you will be provided with a valuable understanding and appreciation for the structures we live in today, giving you a look into the future of design, as well as how ideas and designs can be made into a reality and efffectively implemented. You will learn how buildings are designed and constructed and explore the tectonic constituents that are an integral part of architecture.

The majority of Architecture degrees are very practically-based, with most of your work being assessed through projects that provide you with the practical skills to solve any design issues that may arise within a building environment. You will be taught design and drawing skills, including: computer graphics, CAD drawing, charcoal and pencil rendering, casting and large scale model making. Drawing and modelling will allow you to delve into your individual architectural interests, enabling you to investigate and produce your own ideas, as opposed to duplicating already existing processes. Additionally, the theoretical side will equip you with a broad knowledge regarding any cultural, social, historical, sustainable, technical and material issues in need of acknowledgement.

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Best Reasons to Study Architecture

Careers in Architecture provides reap plenty of financial rewards, with newly qualified architects earning up to £38,000 a year. You will be given the opportunity to make, model and draw, with plenty of universities providing opportunities to partake in projects on different sites within the local communities, enabling you to put such skills into practice. Your architectural education will by optimised through being taught by professional architects, and one-to-one mentoring with such professionals will help you in developing valuable skills for your career. Many universities offer the chance to take part in executing your own exhibitions, film screenings, and inviting the design world's inspirational speakers. Environmental and sustainability issues are at the forefront of the architectural world, where you will be required to put the RIBA (Royal Institue of British Architects) Plan of Work into use whilst working on different models. Through research-based learning and architectural projects, you will develop your own unique design approaches and processes. Many universities also accommodate exchange programmes.

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