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General Engineering Overview

Engineering courses in UK university with Ukstudy.com One of the broadest of subjects at university, general engineering embraces everything from electronics to infrastructure projects. General engineering is a creative as well as an analytical subject, and its spread is vast: from the microscopic intricacy of nanotechnology or the civil engineering challenge of designing a hydroelectric dam to the more everyday problems of constructing efficient lawnmowers or washing machines, the engineering of new materials used in sports equipment or space suits, or the field of software engineering.

Engineering courses in UK university of all kinds tend to place the emphasis on mathematical and scientific knowledge, on putting that knowledge into practice through design projects, on links with industry and often on building background skills that will be useful in the workplace, such as teamwork and management capability.

Most degrees with “engineering” in the title are specific to a particular branch of the subject, with the student choosing the field in which they want to specialise from the start. For example, courses in chemical engineering; civil engineering; electronic and electrical engineering; materials science and materials engineering; and mechanical and production engineering lead to separate degrees which are profiled elsewhere in this guide.

General engineering is all about the science and technology that concerns the maintenance and design regarding machines and different structures.

The subject in general is an extremely broad subject and is perfect if you have a genuine interest in the subject but are not sure on where to specialize just yet.

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Best Reasons to Study General Engineering

These sorts of courses allow their students to learn whilst keeping their options open in the first year, or even for the whole degree with some universities, as they study a number of disciplines.

Students will benefit greatly from the shared knowledge of a general engineering department and gain an appreciation for the engineering business which various industry professionals will collaborate on a project.

General engineering teaches you everything about engineering, from nanotechnology, to civil engineering. In many versions of the course, you will learn all about the design and project management which helps you to use your practical skills in business context and learn more about the general engineering business.

Qualification Requirements

University entry requirements for this subject are different for each university and might change each academic year. Please contact us to find out more details and guidelines. Our team of educational experts is here to help you.


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