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Geography and Environmental Sciences Overview

Geography is the study of the Earth’s environment, people and places. The two most important areas of study in geography are human and physical geography.

Human geography is basically how and why people live in certain places, and physical geography is all about what makes up the places where people have settled.

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Best Reasons to Study Geography and Environmental Science

If you’re the type that likes the outdoors, but don’t really like the idea of spending too much time in a class room, then geography might be the course for you, as there will be plenty of trips. You will be given the opportunity to travel abroad whilst studying the climates and cultures of the world.

Geography teaches you how to work towards a deadline independently and as a team and how to access data. Transferrable skills are commendable to employers. Geography also boasts a high graduate prospect rate among social sciences.

The subject teaches you all about the world, from the world’s societies, to the economies and cultures.

Qualification Requirements

University entry requirements for this subject are different for each university and might change each academic year. Please contact us to find out more details and guidelines. Our team of educational experts is here to help you.


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