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Philosophy Overview

Philosophy is an extremely deep subject. It is basically the general study of whether or not we can trust our reality. Students will study some of the greatest minds of human kind, including their studies of existence, values, knowledge and more.

Philosophy is made up of sub-fields, divided by age, style and topic. All of these rely on rational argument and reason. Philosphia is Greek for love of wisdom.

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Best Reasons to Study Philosophy

Degrees in philosophy are not a one-way ticket to the job Centre (like most people think). The skills that this subject will teach you are always greatly in demand when it comes to getting a job. It teaches you how analyze as well the ability to challenge greater intelligence.

Studying philosophy is basically looking at questions that have puzzled the greatest minds in mankind. It is hands down one of the most intellectually rewarding subjects out there.

Philosophy will make you see the world in a clearer way. Imbalance, unfairness and injustice will all be clearer to you when you graduate. This subject is made for people who hate constraints.

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