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Social Policy Overview

Social study is an area of study that looks at various areas of policy within governmental of political setting. It will cover anything from the welfare state of social services.

This is an academic subject and is all about the theory rather than current policies. It touches on economics, sociology, philosophy and psychology.

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Best Reasons to Study Social Policy

Social policy gives more room for creativity (unlike straight up politics degrees) as you seek solutions to certain policy problems, instead of just learning content for the policies themselves.
This subject teaches you skills that are extremely useful for many careers. This degree will give you the theoretical and analytical capabilities that are extremely commendable to a wide range of employers.
Social policy is a degree for a polymath. You will be able to gain high levels of expertise in sociology, economics, politics, both in theory, history and modern day.

Qualification Requirements

University entry requirements for this subject are different for each university and might change each academic year. Please contact us to find out more details and guidelines. Our team of educational experts is here to help you.


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