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University Overview

Bath Spa University is a leading university for creativity, culture and enterprise established in 1975.

From its rich history and beautiful settings, to its diverse course offering and the people who make up the team, we could probably come up with hundreds of reasons to choose Bath Spa University, but here are just ten of them.

Why Study at Bath Spa University?

Great graduate prospects: 93.7% of Bath Spa graduates are in work or further study 6 months after graduating (HESA: 2014/15 Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education, published 2016)

Top 6 for creativity: Bath Spa University has been voted one of the top five creative universities. (Which? University Student Survey 2017)

You’ll be safe here: Bath Spa University is the 2nd safest university in the South West and 6th when ranked against nearly 130 other universities and higher education institutions across England and Wales. (Complete University Guide 2015)

Sustainability and environmental commitments: It doesn’t stop with the people – Bath Spa University care for our environment as well. Their Green Focus policies earned us a "First Class Honours". (People and Planet Green League 2015)


International Students

Bath Spa University welcomes applications from international students across the world. They’re committed to providing a simple and effective application process.

The way you’ll need to apply will vary depending on the type of course you want to study.

With Bath Spa University friendly culture and close-knit community of staff and students, Bath Spa is a university unlike any other. Bath Spa University supports you as a student to find your place. Your country representative is is just one of many staff members tasked with ensuring that you get the help and advice you need to thrive in your studies.

Foundation Courses, Undegraduate Courses & Top-Up Degrees

Level Course
Undergraduate Acting
Undergraduate Art and Design with Integrated Foundation Year
Undergraduate Biology
Undergraduate Biology (Conservation Biology)
Undergraduate Biology (Human Biology)
Undergraduate Business and Management
Undergraduate Business and Management (Accounting)
Undergraduate Business and Management (Entrepreneurship)
Undergraduate Business and Management (Fashion)
Undergraduate Business and Management (Festivals and Events)
Undergraduate Business and Management (Human Resource Management)
Undergraduate Business and Management (International Business)
Undergraduate Business and Management (Law)
Undergraduate Business and Management (Marketing)
Undergraduate Business and Management (Tourism Management)
Undergraduate Comedy
Undergraduate Commercial Music
Undergraduate Contemporary Arts Practice
Undergraduate Creative Computing
Undergraduate Creative Computing (Animation)
Undergraduate Creative Computing (Gaming)
Undergraduate Creative Computing (Web Technologies)
Undergraduate Creative Media
Undergraduate Creative Media Practice
Undergraduate Creative Music Technology
Undergraduate Creative Music Technology (Games and Interactive Media)
Undergraduate Creative Writing
Undergraduate Criminology
Undergraduate Dance
Undergraduate Digital Animation
Undergraduate Drama (Musical Theatre)
Undergraduate Drama (Writing for Performance)
Undergraduate Drawing
Undergraduate Early Years Education
Undergraduate Education Secondary
Undergraduate Education Studies
Undergraduate Education: Primary and Early Years
Undergraduate Educational Technology and Innovation
Undergraduate English Literature
Undergraduate Environmental Science
Undergraduate Fashion Design
Undergraduate Fashion Marketing and Management
Undergraduate Festivals and Events
Undergraduate Film and Screen Studies
Undergraduate Film, Television and Digital Production
Undergraduate Fine Art
Undergraduate Food with Nutrition
Undergraduate Forensic Psychology
Undergraduate Geography
Undergraduate Geography (Human)
Undergraduate Geography (Physical) 
Undergraduate Global Citizenship (study alongside other courses)
Undergraduate Global Development and Sustainability
Undergraduate Graphic Communication
Undergraduate History
Undergraduate History (Heritage and Public History)
Undergraduate History of Art and Design
Undergraduate History with Politics
Undergraduate Human Nutrition
Undergraduate Interior Design
Undergraduate International Development and Education
Undergraduate Journalism and Publishing
Undergraduate Leadership and Practice in Early Childhood
Undergraduate Media Communications
Undergraduate Music
Undergraduate Music (Community Music)
Undergraduate Music (Jazz)
Undergraduate Music (Vocal Performance)
Undergraduate Philosophy and Ethics
Undergraduate Photography
Undergraduate Psychology
Undergraduate Religions Philosophies and Ethics
Undergraduate Sociology
Undergraduate Sociology with Politics
Undergraduate Study of Religions
Undergraduate Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors
Undergraduate Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors
Undergraduate Theatre and Digital Production

Postgraduate Master Degrees

Level Course
Postgraduate Accounting and Finance
Postgraduate Advertising Practice
Postgraduate Art and Design
Postgraduate Arts Management
Postgraduate Business and Management
Postgraduate Business and Management (Accounting)
Postgraduate Business and Management (Entrepreneurship)
Postgraduate Business and Management (International Business)
Postgraduate Business and Management (Marketing)
Postgraduate Business and Management Leadership
Postgraduate Business and Management Senior Leader Degree Apprenticeship
Postgraduate Children's Publishing
Postgraduate Circus: Directing Circus
Postgraduate Composition
Postgraduate Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice
Postgraduate Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice
Postgraduate Creative Computing
Postgraduate Creative Producing
Postgraduate Creative Producing
Postgraduate Creative Sound and Media Technology
Postgraduate Creative Sound and Media Technology
Postgraduate Creative Writing PhD
Postgraduate Creative Writing (MA)
Postgraduate Crime and Gothic Fictions
Postgraduate Curatorial Practice
Postgraduate Dance
Postgraduate Design (Ceramics)
Postgraduate Design (Fashion and Textiles)
Postgraduate Education (Early Childhood Studies)
Postgraduate Education (Education Studies)
Postgraduate Education (International Education)
Postgraduate Education (Leadership and Management)
Postgraduate Education National Award for Educational Needs Coordination (SENCO)
Postgraduate Education Professional Doctorate in Education (EdD)
Postgraduate Education Professional Practice
Postgraduate Education Professional Practice in Higher Education
Postgraduate Education Specific Learning Difficulties / Dyslexia
Postgraduate Environmental Humanities
Postgraduate Environmental Management
Postgraduate Fashion Design (Fashion and Textiles)
Postgraduate Feature Filmmaking
Postgraduate Fine Art
Postgraduate Graphics: Visual Communication
Postgraduate Heritage Management
Postgraduate Inclusive Education
Postgraduate Independent Filmmaking
Postgraduate Liberal Arts
Postgraduate Literature, Landscape and Environment
Postgraduate Performance
Postgraduate Performing Shakespeare
Postgraduate Principles of Applied Neuropsychology
Postgraduate Scriptwriting
Postgraduate Songwriting
Postgraduate Sound Arts
Postgraduate Sound Design
Postgraduate Sound Production
Postgraduate Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
Postgraduate Theatre for Young Audiences
Postgraduate Transnational Writing
Postgraduate Travel and Nature Writing
Postgraduate Visual Communication
Postgraduate Writing for Young People

How to Apply?

Apply by either contacting us, or directly using the following online application form and we will guide your through the process. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to let us know.

For more information:
Email:  info@britishuni.com
Call:  +44(0)1273 72 55 77


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