University Overview

The University of the West of Scotland (UWS) is one of Scotland’s largest modern Universities committed to have an influence on the economic, social and cultural development of the West of Scotland and beyond, by providing relevant, high quality education including innovative research. University of the West of Scotland has many links with industry, business, public and third sector organisations. Those are allied with an extensive range of part-time and continuing professional development (CPD) options. The university brings students and organisations together by changing and evolving in line with contemporary operating environment and market conditions.


International Students

UWS is a truly international university with origins dating back to 1897. Our degrees will give you a global outlook and prepare you for the best international opportunities available. Interested in studying with UWS in the heart of London? Their London Campus is close to Tower Bridge and the City of London - a global hub for financial and business institutions. Their London Campus is home to nearly 1000 students from all over the world, the campus offers UWS undergraduate/Bachelor (BA & BSc) and postgraduate taught/Masters courses (MA, MBA, MPA, MSc) in business, management, health, social sciences and music, as well as applied research degree options in business (DBA) and health (MRes, MPhil, PhD and DProf).

UWS was recognised by Times Higher Education (THE) as being in the top 500 universities in their 2019 World University Rankings and in the top 150 universities under 50 years of age in their Young University Rankings 2018.

Undegraduate Courses

Level Course
Undergraduate Accounting BAcc (Hons)
Undergraduate Adult Nursing BSc
Undergraduate Aircraft Engineering BEng (Hons) / MEng (Hons)
Undergraduate Applied Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Applied Bioscience BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Applied Bioscience & Zoology BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Applied Bioscience with Forensic Investigation BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Broadcast Production: TV & Radio BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Business BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Business & Finance BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Business & Human Resource Management BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Business & Marketing BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Business Foundation Programme Foundation Programme
Undergraduate Business Technology BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Business with English Language CertHE
Undergraduate Chemical Engineering BEng (Hons)/MEng
Undergraduate Chemistry BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Chemistry with Education BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Childhood Studies (2nd year entry) BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Civil Engineering BEng (Hons)
Undergraduate Civil Engineering (Graduate Apprenticeship) BEng (Hons)
Undergraduate Commercial Music BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Commercial Sound Production (3rd year entry) BA
Undergraduate Community Education BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Computer Animation Arts BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Computer Games Development BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Computer Games Technology BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Computer Networking BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Computer-Aided Design (3rd year entry) BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Computing Science BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Criminal Justice/ Criminal Justice (Policing) BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Cyber Security BEng (Hons)/MEng
Undergraduate Digital Art & Design BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Education BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Engineering Design & Manufacture (Graduate Apprenticeship) BEng (Hons)
Undergraduate Engineering Management (3rd year entry) BEng (Hons)
Undergraduate English as a Second Language (3rd & 4th year entry) BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Environmental Health BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Events Management BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Filmmaking & Screen Writing BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Forensic Science BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Integrated Health & Social Care (2nd year entry) BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Integrated Health & Social Care with Administration (2nd year entry) BA (Hons)
Undergraduate International Business BA (Hons)
Undergraduate IT: Software Development (Graduate Apprenticeship) BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Journalism / Journalism (Sport) BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Law BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Legal studies BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Maternity Care Assistant CertHE
Undergraduate Mathematics with Education BSc Hons
Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering BEng (Hons) / MEng (Hons)
Undergraduate Mental Health Nursing BSc
Undergraduate Midwifery BSc
Undergraduate Music Technology BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Nursing Studies (3rd year entry) BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Occupational Safety & Health BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Performance BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Pharmacy Science & Health BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Physics BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Physics with Education BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Physics with Nuclear Technology BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Professional Health Studies (3rd year entry) BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Psychology BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Social Science BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Social Work BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Society, Politics & Policy BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Sport & Exercise Science BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Sport Coaching BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Sport Development BSc (Hons)
Undergraduate Sports Coaching and Development BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Technical Theatre & Production (3rd year entry) BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Tourism Management BA (Hons)
Undergraduate Web & Mobile Development BSc (Hons)

Postgraduate Master Degrees

Level Course
Postgraduate Accounting & Finance (ACCA route) MSc
Postgraduate Adult Nursing MSc
Postgraduate Advanced Biomedical Science MSc
Postgraduate Advanced Clinical Practitioner MSc
Postgraduate Advanced Computer Systems Development MSc
Postgraduate Advanced Computing MSc
Postgraduate Advanced Thin Film Technologies MSc
Postgraduate Applied Social Science MSc
Postgraduate Big Data MSc
Postgraduate Biotechnology MSc
Postgraduate Broadcast Journalism MA
Postgraduate Career Guidance & Development MSc
Postgraduate Chemical Engineering MSc
Postgraduate Civil Engineering MSc
Postgraduate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy PgDip
Postgraduate Construction Management with Digital Engineering MSc
Postgraduate Contemporary Drug & Alcohol Studies MSc
Postgraduate Creative Media Practice MA
Postgraduate Cultural Diplomacy & International Events MA
Postgraduate Cultural Diplomacy & International Music MA
Postgraduate Digital Marketing MSc
Postgraduate Doctor of Business Administration DBA
Postgraduate e-Health MSc
Postgraduate Equality & Diversity MSc
Postgraduate Filmmaking MA
Postgraduate Finance & Accounting with CIMA MSc
Postgraduate Formulation Science MSc
Postgraduate Gerontology MSc
Postgraduate Global Primary Care Management MSc
Postgraduate Higher Education Practice MEd
Postgraduate Information and Network Security MSc
Postgraduate Information Technology MSc
Postgraduate International Events Management MSc
Postgraduate International Management MSc
Postgraduate International Marketing MSc
Postgraduate Internet of Things MSc
Postgraduate Leadership & Management MSc
Postgraduate Logistics & Supply Chain Management MSc
Postgraduate Master of Business Administration MBA
Postgraduate Master of Public Administration MPA
Postgraduate Mechanical Engineering MSc
Postgraduate Mental Health Nursing MSc
Postgraduate Midwifery MSc with registration
Postgraduate Mobile Web Development MSc
Postgraduate MSc Education MSc
Postgraduate Music (Songwriting/Sound Production/Industries) MA
Postgraduate PGDE (Primary) PGDE
Postgraduate PGDE (Secondary) PGDE
Postgraduate Policy Analysis & Global Governance MSc
Postgraduate Project Management MSc
Postgraduate Project Management (International) MSc
Postgraduate Psychology MSc
Postgraduate Quality Management MSc
Postgraduate Quality Management (International) MSc
Postgraduate Social Work MSc
Postgraduate Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (Health Visiting) Postgraduate Diploma
Postgraduate Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (School Nursing) Postgraduate Diploma
Postgraduate Specialist Practitioner (District Nurse) Postgraduate Diploma
Postgraduate Sport Coaching MSc
Postgraduate Sports Marketing & Promotion MSc
Postgraduate Teaching of English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL) MEd
Postgraduate Waste & Resource Management MSc

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